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Ayn Rand The Fountainhead PDF Free Download

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Ayn Rand’s “The Fountainhead”, a story about a small society for architecture, is related to the media. However, it is sufficient to just change the architectural words into the industry of software.

It has had a profound effect on the development and maintenance of American society’s ideological infrastructure. American citizens have changed their lives and become more aware of her words.

  • With more than 6,000,000 copies sold, the book reached the top of the most popular novels of the 20th Century.
  • Howard Roak, an unqualified architect is the protagonist of this novel. He is always against the flow and the cunning of society.
  • He was known for his ability to create works that others would admire and he was also buried in a manner that is cruel.
  • He kept his passion and positive spirit throughout the process, which paid off.

Peter Keating is an architect who loves painting but, because of her material ambitions and her responsibility to her mother has to enter the world of luxury architecture. Peter is a small part of the broken and corrupt soul of man. He lives second: life is determined by others and actions are influenced by the wills of others. Peter only can see himself in the eyes of others and the cheers of the crowd. Miserably, this acclaim and admiration were not for his talents, but for others. Peter was arrogant and paranoid about fame and fortune. He thought he was the spear of all elite populations. But he was actually an ant accidentally pushed to the top by the herd in the cup. savage bait. In old age, to work hard and to dedicate.

Although Ellsworth Tooheyit is not as stupid as Peter Keating he’s still a great man. Ellsworth was able to understand the heart of the public. Ellsworth knows the heart of the public. Ellsworth is a great person. Ellsworth understood the masses and convinced them in him. However, Ellsworth didn’t believe in the individual soul. This was his greatest ignorance and the biggest mistake in Ellsworth’s life. Instead of leading the masses to holiness, Ellsworth encouraged them to sell their faith and chase after frivolous values. This led him to power. The parables of Ellsworth helped the masses believe in Lois Cook’s cliche literature, believe in Ike’s stage play trash, and believe in Lancelot Clokey’s ignorant editorial. Because Ellsworth is powerful, faith isn’t always right. Ellsworth was ultimately the one to lose his poor soul.

Gail Wynand is a media tycoon and half of Ellsworth Toohey. The other half is an angry man. His soul was gone. He was furious. Gail couldn’t see with him a wise person, one who hadn’t sold any part of his soul. Gail is even angrier when he realizes that there are many secondary lives like this, people who only live to support the existence of others. Gail used this insight for most of his adult life to make money, fame, and scandal. Gail created the “New York Flag” newspaper to give the public what they want: social disgust. Gail Wynand’s most successful and popular newspaper. Gail, like New York Flag, had to hide his ego to follow the public hustle. He was so obsessed with the idea that he made a separate bedroom from the outside world. Every second of every moment, Gail was living in pain from his own life. Gail takes revenge on people with souls but does not deserve their egos or talents. That is until Gail meets Howard Roark.

Howard Roark is the final monument to the human ego. He is an architect who can take risks with both thought and actions. Stop chasing Gothic and Renaissance architecture trends; Howard will follow the call of reason to build his arrogant structures that reflect the longing of their owners. Howard doesn’t care much about what others think, Howard doesn’t even care what they think because he knows that he can live and shine alone. You don’t need anyone to define your values. Howard would agree, and so do I. Because we can’t believe the integrity of such perfect souls. Howard Roark’s statement is the key to “The Fountainhead”, but you can still listen to it.

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