Deep Work PDF Free Download by Cal Newport

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Deep Work PDF Free Download by Cal Newport

Book Name Deep Work by Cal Newport
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Deep Work PDF Free Download by Cal Newport PDF Download Free

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Deep Work PDF Cal Newport’s captivating book, Deep Work: The Benefits and Practical Steps to Digging Deeper are written by Newport. This book focuses on two important concepts: Deep Work, and Shallow Work.

Deep Work is more productive than Shallow Work. It gives you the illusion of productivity.

The book opens with characters like Woody Allen, Bill Gates, JK Rowling, and Carl Jung creating great works, products, and making money while going to the extreme, deep work.

Deep Work also mentions Benn who left a job to code. Benn, who is nearly 30 years old, cannot code. Computer programming can be a challenging job, Cal says. Deep work enabled Benn to learn as fast as possible without having to take four years of programming. Submit. Benn needs only 2 months of deep concentration – Deep work.

Benn studied at his home and locked himself in a computer area with only books, notebooks, and a marker. By the end of his self-study, he had read 18 books about programming. Benn was locked in his home for two months and then enrolled in a 100-hour intensive web programming course every week. The course is incomplete for more than half the participants. Benn was the first.

Benn was then offered a job as a programmer with a salary exceeding $ 100,000 per year. This is twice the amount he earned while working in finance. But, Benn believes that Deep Work has given him the ability to program without limitations and that his skills will improve as he earns more.

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