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Elemental Evil Player’s Companion PDF: Elemental Evil Player’s Companion – one of the guides which give players the greatest emotional experience of DnD and lets them be confronted with the dangers and challenges from the dark forces, Elemental Evil.

This guide will give you numerous interesting options, including new spells, characters, and new races to be seen: aarakocra Gnome, genasi, and the goliath.

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Book Type Epub
Form Name D&D Elemental Evil Player’s Companion
Format Ebook
Type PDF
Size 12.8 MB
Pages 25
Language English

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Details About D&D Elemental Evil Player’s Companion

In the epic adventure Princes of the Apocalypse, the menace of the universe from Elemental Evil reaches the Forgotten Realms. This expansion offers new possibilities for characters playing in the epic adventure. While not necessarily evil, elements of power can be harnessed by people with both malicious and good intentions.

Elemental Evil Player’s Companion Elemental Evil Player’s Companion gives players everything they need to develop a character that fits directly to the Elemental Evil storyline. New race options are the deep gnome, aarakocra Genasi, and The goliath. In addition, a myriad of new spells allows you to control the elements at your fingertips.

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