Watchmen Comic PDF by Alan Moore & Dave Gibbons

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Watchmen Comic PDF by Alan Moore & Dave Gibbons

Book Name Watchmen Comic by Alan Moore & Dave Gibbons Book
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Watchmen Comic PDF by Alan Moore & Dave Gibbons Download Free

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Watchmen This graphic novel was written by Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons. Zack Snyder directed the 2009 adaptation of the book. The Watchmen wasn’t as successful as Batman Begins (2006) or The Dark Knight (2008). The Watchmen received many negative comments from both the fans and the comment section. Zack Snyder was once told by Christopher Nolan that Watchmen was a masterpiece. Unfortunately, it didn’t get there in time. It’s possible that this is true. At the time Watchmen was launched, superhero movies weren’t as developed as they were in recent years. Watchmen also didn’t follow the same theme of regular superhero movies like Iron Man or Batman. This is because audiences aren’t yet ready for 18+ superhero movies.

Let’s return to March 2009, when Watchmen was launched. The universe of DC Comics superheroes and Marvel had not developed much at this time. The first bricks of the Marvel Cinematic Universe were Iron Man (2008), and The Incredible Hulk (2008). DC Comics has Batman Begins, The Dark Knights of Nolan and these movies are not part of their DC movie universe. These films share one thing in common: they all follow the classic superhero movie’s theme, which is to have heroes clearly and villains clearly. If you have not read the movie and aren’t a fan of superhero movies, Watchmen will feature fighting scenes, explosions, and other exciting moments. Like Iron Man and Hulk. Watchmen are a film with very few scenes of fire and rumble. The movie also makes it difficult to tell which villain is the hero. The film focuses mainly on scenes that develop the character’s mentality or remind them more than their physical strength. Watchmen also hide many meanings, including political, religious, and human ideas, that no one can see.

Another thing to note is that the audience was not ready at launch for an 18+ superhero movie such as Watchmen. The first movie starring an 18+ superhero was Deadpool in 2016, followed by Logan in 2017. It is a bit silly to compare Deadpool to Logan with Watchmen. Logan and Deadpool both follow the same basic motif. However, Watchmen only added a few factors to increase the R rating, such as language or gore. Watchmen has more than just these factors. It also has politics and society or ideologies. Many people have watched the US win the Vietnam War, which has made them more comfortable, especially when they see the “jumping around” of Alan Moore. Or that Adrian Veidt, Ozymandias, created a fake peace at the end of the film with Rorschach trying to find out the truth. These aren’t the things you would find in a superhero movie. This is not an attempt to make Watchmen look like Logan or Deadpool, but the current fan base is ready to embrace the 18+ superhero movie style. This is likely why HBO is remaking Watchmen as a new series.

Watchmen isn’t a typical superhero movie that can be compared to other superhero movies with bare scores. Watchmen have too many social issues or religious ideologies or people who have never seen a superhero movie that has so many layers of meaning. Watchmen are extremely picky about their viewers. Zack Snyder may have been a little too quick in getting Watchmen launched at such a short time. Zack Snyder can be patient for a few more years before the watchmen are available to viewers. What do you think?

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