Why Does He Do That? PDF by Lundy Bancroft

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In “Why Does He Do That?” Lundy Bancroft, a domestic violence counselor, will help you to equip yourself with the tools to protect yourself both psychologically and physically, as well as learn ways to end a violent relationship or improve it.

Why Does He Do That? PDF by Lundy Bancroft

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But I’m glad I have this opportunity, and I don’t think I am the only one who needs it. Women are the ones most benefited by the abuser’s knowledge, and their way of thinking. They can learn from me what to do to recognize when they are being controlled in relationships, how to escape violence, and how to avoid becoming involved with violent men. This book is designed to help women protect themselves from angry men and control.

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Over two thousand cases have been part of my experience working with control-minded and angry men over the past fifteen years. As a woman, I know the signs of violence and control to look out for in a man. I began to see the hidden meaning behind words and to hear what men in control wanted to say. There are clues that can help me identify when emotional and verbal aggression is going to lead to violence. It is possible to tell the difference between violent men who pretend to be changing and those who are trying to improve themselves. The unexpected problem of violence is not related to emotions. My clients are no different than the men of violence who experience their emotions. It’s all about how he thinks. His mind is the key.

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